Barbell Rows Workout

(Last Updated On: 31st January 2017)

Barbell Row Workout

Everyone loves a big old back regardless of what colour it is and who has it, having back muscles is just cool. It makes it all the better when it is defined and shredded and looks like you have the world map attached to it. The back is a big old area so it is important to know which area you are hitting and how you are going to hit it. Exercises such as the lat-pull down, chin-ups, pull-ups and barbell row are designed for the upper area known as Latissimus Dorsi while exercises such as deadlifts are designed for the lower back known as Erector Spinae. The barbell row, t bar row and lat pull down are all very similar in fashion, they target a wide variety of muscles in the upper area such as the lats and the traps. The t bar row and barbell row when performed correctly can give you a solid and defined back within maybe 6 months if your diet is also on point


For the barbell row there are two muscles you can target, the first one being the lats if you hold the bar with close-grip and second being the traps if you have a wide grip. I would advise everyone to be in a positon close to 180 degrees with legs bent slightly and upper chest sticking out. When you bring the bar up then do so below your chest and hold and squeeze for 2 seconds, this will become impossible when the weight gets heavier. When your back muscles contract then there should be no more room for your arms to go back, meaning once your muscles contract and cant do more then don’t pull your arms back any further as that will ruin your form and purpose of the exercise.


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