Foods That Shrink Manboobs (How To Cure Gynecomastia)

(Last Updated On: 4th June 2017)

4 Foods That Shrink You’re Manboobs

  • A good diet is not just about avoiding bad food, it’s also important to get in as much of the good stuff as possible. Especially when it comes to losing man boobs, when certain foods have a more powerful chest-flattening effect than others.
  • It’s likely there are hundreds, if not thousands (millions?) of other different hormones, chemicals, enzymes, proteins and other microscopic biological entities that influence our man boobs, most of which we haven’t yet discovered, or linked in any way to man boobs.

    Man Boob Shrinker #1: Fiber

  • Fiber reduces the time available for estrogen to be absorbed in the bowel. Not only that, it also binds to extra estrogen in the gut and removes it from the body.
  • Studies have shown that people with a higher intake of dietary fiber have lower circulating estrogen levels. Researchers have found that the two potent female hormones estrone and estradiol drop sharply as dietary fiber intake increases.

Which Type And Which Foods Contain Fiber?

  • Grains mostly contain insoluble fiber, while vegetables contain more soluble fiber. There are many studies that suggest most of the benefits of fiber – reduced cholesterol, improved bowel movements, reduced risk of cancer, diabetes prevention, etc – are bought about by soluble fiber in vegetables, rather than the insoluble fiber you find in whole-grains.

    Man Boob Shrinker #2: Cruciferous Vegetables (The Cabbage Family)

  • These include, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, collard greens, spinach and watercress.
  • They’re also known to increase the rate at which the liver excretes estrogen.
  • It’s better also to have them raw or lightly steamed, as too much heat deactivates the active component.

    Man Boob Shrinker #3: Soy

  • Soy is the secret weapon Japanese women use to cut their breast cancer risk down to 1/5 of the risk Western women have, as found in a 2008 study.
  • It’s important to get fermented soy because the process of fermentation reduces hyphenate levels in soy. Hyphenates are known to block the body’s absorption of key minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron.

-Short List Of Common Soy Products You Should Avoid

  • Good sources of soy include fermented tempeh, miso, natto and traditionally prepared soy sauce. Be careful with soy sauce though, because many varieties available in the west are made using an artificial, chemical process.
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Benefits Of Liver

  • Liver is also an excellent source of protein and is low in carbohydrates. 100g of liver provides 26.5g of pure protein. Both the micro nutrient and protein content of liver will help tremendously in your muscle growth and fat loss efforts.
  • Eating liver will also increase your energy levels, increase stamina, speed up damaged tissue repair, curb sugar cravings, and help to protect your liver against the countless assaults it faces from all the chemicals we are exposed to in our food.

More Estrogen Reduction Tactics – Flaxseeds

  • Studies have shown that flaxseeds inhibit the growth of human estrogen-dependent cancers. In the same way, they help to reduce man boobs by inhibiting the effects of excess estrogen.
  • Flaxseeds contain higher concentrations of lignan precursors than any other plant.
  • lignans are another major form of phytoestrogen. They bind to your body’s estrogen receptors and have a very weak estrogenic effect.


Reduces inflammation in your body. Chronic inflammation suppresses testosterone production by the Leading cells in your testes. By reducing inflammation, turmeric helps boost your testosterone levels.

  • Insulin resistance has been associated with reduced testosterone production in men. Improving insulin sensitivity with turmeric means less insulin resistance, which means more testosterone.
  • Improving liver function with turmeric will help to increase the rate of deactivation of estrogens in your body

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