High Intesnty Interval Training And Gynecomastia (Manboobs)

(Last Updated On: 4th June 2017)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  • A great number of recent studies have shown that HIIT is superior to steady-state cardio for weight loss and muscle gains/maintenance, and it also provides a wide range of other health benefits such as improved cardiovascular and pulmonary (lung) performance

HIIT And Manboobs

  • Although there are no direct studies on man boob reduction through interval training, the resultant hormonal changes, which include an increase in growth hormone and testosterone, will definitely help you to lose your man boobs.
  • Most of whom do interval training at least 3 times per week.

What Is HIIT Training?

  • Interval training is where you run, swim, cycle or do any other cardiovascular exercise at maximum (or near-maximum) intensity for short bursts of time.
  • An example regimen would be to give it 90% to 100% effort for just 30 seconds, then either rest or go much slower for 60 seconds, followed by another 30 second high intensity burst and so on

Benefits Of HIIT #Fat Loss

  • In one study by a group of Canadian scientists headed by Angelo Tremblay et al., the effects of endurance training (ET) was compared with that of high intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • The researchers found that the ET group burned more than twice as many calories during the exercise than the HIIT group

Results Of Study?

  • Despite this, skin-fold measurements demonstrated more fat loss in the HIIT group, the subcutaneous fat loss was nine-fold greater in the HIIT program than in the ET program.”
  • Hence for every calorie burned during the workout, HIIT was 9 times more effective than ET at burning fat.
  • The reason for this is because much like with weight training, HIIT causes a prolonged elevation in your metabolism, which causes you to burn fat efficiently and for long periods of time after the workout.

Benefits Of HIIT #More Muscle And Less Manboobs

  • Studies have suggested an increase in growth hormone and testosterone associated with interval training.
  • Both will encourage fat loss and man boob reduction. Also, during the exercise, due to the use of high intensity, muscle growth will be stimulated much like with weight training.
  • Note how this is different from endurance training, where you lose muscle instead.

Benefits Of HIIT # Better Cardio Health And Performance

  • HIIT pushes your heart and lungs to their working limit, thereby increasing your lung capacity and your heart’s stroke volume (the amount of blood the heart can pump with one beat).
  • As a result your resting pulse rate decreases and you become what’s classed as ‘fit’ – where your general health and wellbeing improves and you feel great all the time.
  • Your lungs are able to hold more volume of air, so you can breathe more efficiently and hold your breath for longer. Steady state cardio does NOT do this

HIIT And Bodybuilding

  • Don’t do HIIT on the same day you do weight training. Both types of exercise severely deplete your body’s resources.
  • Don’t forget that increased muscle mass and increased testosterone will help you to lose your man boobs.
  • When you deplete your body’s resources and exercise beyond your body’s recovery ability, your testosterone levels will plummet, cortisol will increase and your body will start to break down muscle, regardless of how heavy a weight you’re lifting.

HIIT And Post Workout Drink

  • A number of studies have been performed regarding the timing of nutrition around workouts.
  • Green et al. (2003) demonstrated a reduction in blood cortisol levels in those who consumed a carbohydrate drink during exercise.
  • Steinacker et al. (2003) in a literature review of hormonal responses to exercise demonstrated an increase in cortisol levels during states of glycogen deficiency, leading to a breakdown of skeletal muscle.

To keep cortisol raises to a minimum, it’s hence advisable to have a pre, during and post workout glucose drink. Although not essential, this will help to boost performance and subsequent results of fat loss and man boob reduction

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