Gynecomastia – Surgery Or Natural Methods?

(Last Updated On: 11th June 2017)

It may be clear based upon my articles that I have a lot to say about this topic, I actually didn’t know it was so extensive until my brother bought me an E-book for my birthday by Gary Davidson called “How To Lose Manboobs Naturally”.

I thinks obvious as to why he purchased that book for me in the first place but this article is not about me, it about you. Gynecomastia, man boobs, bitch tits, man breasts or whichever nice word you may want to call it is actually a worrying epidemic and concern among many men and growing teenagers.

In fact most of my YouTube videos relating to gynecomastia have more views than any other video I make, my analytics show that Asia and middle eastern countries are in my top ten geographical demo. India is number 1 for my views and watch time and then countries such as Pakistan, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait trail behind at 4th, 5th, 6th and so on.

This is no coincidence as to why these countries are in my top 10 demo, its obvious they are searching a solution to their man boobs problem and it does not surprise me even one bit considering Asia has so many estrogen-like chemicals in their water and the Arab countries are suffering from a gluttony crisis whereas their neighbouring countries are starving to death.

If you’re wondering which country is number 2 for views and watch time on my channel then do not be shocked to know that it is the USA. Its quite obvious considering the poor Americans have always been in the news for their over indulgence, obesity rates are at sky high and is one of the biggest killers.

All these countries which are providing me with their gracious views and watch time makes me believe they are searching for a miracle cure, method or how to get rid of manboobs in 7 days mind set, the only problem is there is no miracle cure and you cant get rid of man boobs in 7 days. Most people wont like this but the chances of you getting rid of man boobs are very slim unless you get surgery…. yes, surgery.

What most people don’t realise is that getting rid of man boobs is far more complex than eating the right food and doing the right exercises. If eating healthy and doing the right exercises was the cure then I’m sure many people will not be suffering from this problem. However this is not to say that exercises and diet will not help, you wont know unless you try it.

Gynecomastia is caused by hormone imbalance meaning the male is producing a higher ratio of the female sex hormone (estrogen) than the male sex hormone (testosterone). You can combat this imbalance through natural remedies but to what limit? what happens if your body doesn’t react to these natural methods so now it must be determined what other possibilities are there.

In my opinion the main factor to determine whether you need to treat yourself naturally or surgically all comes down to the shape of your man boobs, yep. Everyone who is suffering from man boobs and reading this must determine the shape of their man boobs, it will save you a lot of trouble trying different methods and can point you in the direction which you have been looking for.

If your gynecomastia problem is not severe, meaning you only suffer from puffy nipples then I would advise you stick to weight training and a clean diet. I’m sure when you pack on muscle then your body will be forced to change its structure and make you look more better than you were previously.

Below I have attached an image which would hopefully help you in determining how severe gynecomastia is because the only thing which stands in between treating your manboobs naturally or getting surgery is the SEVERITY of your man boobs and this cannot be stressed enough.

To determine how severe your gynecomastia is look at the chart above and see which image resembles you the most. Let me simplify it, from what I have seen men suffer from 3 types of man boobs, if you are from this type then congratulations because the chances of you needing surgery are slim. The first type is puffy nipples which can be treated naturally and very rarely are nipples so puffy that they require surgery.

Your typical puffy nipple would look something like the image below, it doesn’t require major medical attention and the guy looks like he has sculpted a good physique out of it.

The second type of manboobs unfortunately requires surgery and no amount of “natural treatment” will work, the reason being because the breast tissue is so full that that there is no way to break down the cells. The second type of manboobs generally look like the ones Ice T has, unless he has good genetics then there is no way those babies are going anywhere even if he loses weight.

There at big enough for him to actually wear a bra, while there is no sign of lose skin from the sides that would require liposuction, you still would need surgery to remove the fat tissue.

The third and final type also unfortunately requires surgery so if you are in the second and third type then its time you start looking for  a plastic surgeon and not your next dose of turmeric. The third and final type of manboobs in caused by 2 steps, obesity and weight loss.

If you were once a slim and lean guy with potential and suddenly gained 200 pounds within a year and one day you thought “hey, I’m a fat boy now and want to go back to what I was previously”, don’t think for even a second that the choice you made previously to over indulge would not have consequences, every action has a reaction.

Once you over eat then you change the structure of your body, your skin expands to great lengths and there is no guarantee it may be the same after you lose weight depending on your genes.

Once you lose the 200 pounds, there is a great chance that you will be faced with 2 problems, the first one being the obvious gynecomastia due to fat storage being built up and the second problem being lose skin which make your man boobs look more terrible than they already are.

There is no cure for this apart from surgery, no diet and no exercise will help you apart from going under the knife.

There are two surgical procedures to this type of manboob, the first one being liposuction where fat is sucked out and then 6 months later the second operation will removes the fat gland from your chest and finally get rid of your gynecomastia.

According to my research countries such as Poland, Turkey and Pakistan are very cheap compared to countries such as USA and UK, if you are looking for a affordable option then do a little a bit of research as there is no limit to your bright future.

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