Deodorant And Gynecomastia

(Last Updated On: 13th July 2017)

Estrogen And Deodorant

  • Estrogen-like particles are used in more than 90% of cosmetics and are easily absorbed through the skin.
  • Not only do they enter your blood stream, but they also go into your breast tissue especially when applied directly around the breast area and under the armpits.

Deodorant And Manboobs

  • When you apply soap, deodorant or antiperspirant to the armpit – the estrogen in these products avoid being metabolized and inactivated by the liver, and seep directly into the breast.
  • This way the effect can be up to 10x stronger than estrogens taken in with food

Deodorant And Time

  • Considering the longer you leave it on, the longer the estrogens have to soak in through your skin.
  • Estrogen is responsible for the increasing incidence of man boobs in men and breast cancer in women, lung cancer in both sexes, and a whole host of other cancers
  • There is currently very little government regulation over the use of estrogen in cosmetics

Arabian Perfumes

  • Want to smell nice without injecting breast-enhancing poison into your system? Use natural organic deodorants, essential oils or traditional Arabian perfumes
  • In a report it states that the Saudis spend more than SR2.6 billion yearly on Oud…. That is just one of the many perfumes.

Limit the use of cosmetics

  • Limit the use of cosmetics and change the way you use them.
  • Shave your armpits so you don’t accumulate so much gunk and sticky stuff there
  • (Warning: don’t apply aftershave there because the open pores will absorb those estrogenic-particles quicker than a dry sponge!)


  • Stop using antiperspirants altogether, don’t apply deodorant to your armpits, spray it onto your clothes instead.
  • Don’t use chemical-laden emollients all over your body, especially avoid applying any on your chest and armpits. Just use it where you need it

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