Chric Jericho And Gynecomastia?

(Last Updated On: 5th October 2017)

For those that did notice and maybe wondering why is there a question mark, to be completely honest unlike my other gynecomastia posts where I am certain that the person has had gynecomastia at some point in his life however in Chris Jericho’s I am not 100% certain.

He has never showed any signs of manboobs, breast tissue or gynecomastia whether it be major or minor, the only thing to observe is the fact that his chest has become recently deformed and looks like he has had surgery but that could be for any reason.

Chris Jericho is in no need of introduction, anyone who watched wrestling during the late 90’s and early 2000’s will know that was he full of talent whether in WCW or WWE. He went from being misused and giving a list of all the basic wrestling holds to a live audience to having one of the best debuts of all time and most importantly beating Stone Cold Steven Austin and The Rock in one night and becoming the first Undisputed champion.

While he was never the top guy or a household name like Hogan, Warrior, Austin or The Rock, Chris Jericho has still managed to carve out a legendary career and has gave wrestling fans great moments such as using his excellent promo ability to make fun of Stephanie McMahon and her bra size.

Speaking of boobs or bra size, there was a time when Jericho liked to make fun of peoples chest but unfortunately if looks like Jericho is also suffering from “chest problems” as they say.

Its not clear what has happened to Jericho over the years, currently his chest looks it has been stabbed in 50 different places, he as always had a strong defined chest even though he was not a bodybuilder. I will post pictures below which will highlight his transformation over the years to his current situation, this is not hate post rather it is something I found to be interesting.


One of his earliest pictures from the 90’s and there is no doubt that he is in good shape and is lean according to his height. He lifts weights and has got a strong and athletic physique overall, his chest show no signs of and any problem and judging from his genetics the pecs are round which are not to big nor to bulky.

Similar to the first picture there doesn’t seem to be much difference Jericho has continued to look lean and athletic. His chest show no signs of sagging or gynecomastia and his pecs are looking round and will do for the next 10 years or more as seen in the next couple of more pictures.

Fast forward 10-12 years this picture looks like from 2008-2009, his physique is still pretty good overall and he still has the round pecs which he has always had. He has aged judging by his mid section as it looks bloated and doesn’t have the athletic look anymore.

There are no signs of gynecomastia or manboobs even though the roundness of his pecs have gone bigger but that could be due to not working out, age or eating bad carbs.

And then it begins, the picture according to online sources is from 2012-2013 and is one of the earliest signs of Chris Jericho’s chest cracking. His whole body has taken a turn for the worse as his abdomen looks like 100 years old and his chest looks like it had breast fat removed but the doctor forgot the do liposuction to stop the chest hanging.

Chris Jericho literally has no pecs and looks like he has had surgical operation to remove them for whatever reason, then there is also the massive dent which is quite common among wrestlers especially Scott Steiner and The Undertaker.

This picture is from early 2016 I believe, his chest seems to have improved over the years or it maybe just the angle the picture has been shot. His abs have better definition then they have in previous years and his chest doesn’t look as saggy as previous photos show.

While the gap in his chest remains, his chest doesn’t have that cracking and wrinkly look however that doesn’t last to long as it comes back as will be show in the next batch of pictures.

This picture is taken probably around mid 2016 or early 2017, the saggy chest is quite clear and his abs are more visible compared to his old pictures… or it could be just good ol Photoshop.

His chest looks similar to The Rock when he had had developed manboobs and his chest was sagging during his early Hollywood career as seen in the picture. while The Rock does have some potential for pecs, Chris Jericho on the other hand has lost the ability to ever gain pecs.

This is Jericho’s latest picture, he has had an incredible transformation in the past couple of months. Previously he was really out of shape with a distended stomach and chubby mid section, in the right he has trimmed down to low body fat and looks in excellent shape for his age.

The one thing that Jericho could not tone down was his pecs, as seen in the picture they still look terrible and in general give his whole physique a bad vibe.

Its not clear what caused Jericho’s chest to become how it is, maybe he stopped doing push ups, maybe his body has reacted negatively to all those years of wrestling or maybe he had simple chest surgery to fix a broken bone.

The chances of him ever developing gynecomastia are slim, looking at the pictures he has never shown any signs and I doubt he was a heavy steroid user if at all so there are no chances of developing manboobs anyway.

The problem seems to be the dent and separation between his chest and while that can be common, not all have it that bad as Jericho though whose nipples look like they are about to melt.

At best he looks like to have had a pec tear through nerve damage and maybe all those front face bumps caused a strain on his chest, there are no sources however online forums state he botched his finishing manoeuvre and landed on his chest which caused broken bones but then again the internet says everything so take it as grain of salt.


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