Scott Steiner Steroids Transformation

(Last Updated On: 15th October 2017)

Scott Steiner has had hell of a wrestling career aswell as a transformation will be analysed soon, he is known for a lot of things such as being tag team champions with his real life brother, betraying his brother and joining the NWO, doing unscripted epic wrestling promos and the obviously the Big Poppa Pump transformation which gave his character and life a whole new meaning.

Scott Steiner’s life isn’t much different than most of us who are in “The Losers Club”, he was always famous due to his television presence aswell as his strength and athleticism for a guy his size but he could never be “that guy” who would be remembered for leaving a wrestling legacy after retirement.

Obviously none of us famous wrestlers and nor do we appear on television, and sadly nor do we have a physique anything close to Steiner the one he had in the early 90’s before becoming the most jacked wrestler of all time in the late 90’s.

What is remarkable about Steiners transformation is that he was just a plain jacked guy among other roided jacked guys during the 90’s, he didn’t look like a star and didn’t ooze charisma and didn’t have much of a personality till much later on in life which was supposed to be the peak of his career around 1999-2001.

It was around 1998-2000 when Steiner completely changed his outlook on life, he was no longer shy, always talked about hook-ups, flexed his muscles and obviously became shredded which was unprecedented in wrestling for a guy his size considering he was around 285 pounds. While I don’t believe and neither should any sane person that Scott Steiner is natural, I do have to give him props for achieving such a physique.

Scott Steiner has admitted in an interview that when he signed for WWE in 2002 the company asked him to take a steroid test to which he AGREED but it wasn’t followed up because Steiner wanted HHH to undergo a steroid test as well which he declined, that says it all.

While steroids did definitely play a crucial part throughout his career but at the same time it has to be said that Big Poppa Pump has definitely been blessed with epic genetics considering it is so difficult to that cut, shredded and attain vascularity at that size.

While becoming shredded and jacked towards the end of his career made him relevant but his in ring performance suffered badly compared to the early-mid 90’s where he was a suplex machine and could move so fluidly in the ring. His new found identity as Big Booty Daddy or Big Poppa Pump had regressed his natural in ring ability both physically and mentally and he no longer had the same athleticism.

He could hardly move after becoming so jacked and most he spent most of his time flexing his biceps as that would actually hide his flaws aswell as well as stop him from moving about and running out breath.

Sometimes there is a price to pay for wanting to become larger than life and while bodybuilders do take steroids in hoping to land sponsorship deals but they forget the consequences of their steroid usage.

Similarly Scott Steiner went from no-personality athletic jacked roided athlete to a genetic freak who could barely move in the ring and would no longer perform the Frankensteiner the move which he innovated and was also named the best wrestling manoeuvre of the year.


These are some of the earliest pictures I could find of Steiner on the internet, they both look like they are taken from mid-late 80’s as Scott Steiner looks in his early 20s. While nothing special, Scott does show some potential for future growth as he has a bulky look and his chest and biceps are the result of weight training maybe from the last 3 months.

He is not that cut but there are also sign of abs showing and his legs look really week compared to that they will become in a couple of years time; In the second picture with maybe Sting, Rick Steiner looks like a tank over shadowing his younger brother which would see the roles reversed 15 years down the line funny enough, Scott looks like an amateur who looks like is just breaking into the business.


Couple of years after the first picture Steiner is no longer a rookie and is doing quite well for himself wrestling in territories around the country, whilst still not a superstar he has managed to add mass in couple of years. His physique is still nothing special but it looks like he is lifting heavier weights and increased his calories intake as his frame has gone much bigger, he looks to be on a typical bulk where his body has expanded but there is no definition or cuts.

Rick Steiner on the other hand has regressed very badly from the looks of it compared to the picture from mid-80s, he’s lost a lot of muscle, no longer cut and has a belly.


Its been 2 years since the bulking phase and now Scott Steiner is at his peak (or he believed to be that time), the bulking phase is over and now he has developed a physique which he had always hoped for.

He has achieved quality muscle mass with definition, low body fat and he has grown proportionally from his upper body, his bicep peaks have grown immensely which can also be attributed to genetics and he no longer has the soft-bulk body as his mid-section has never been this trim.


It was around this time when Scott took another step forward in reinventing himself, he had tried many times since the early 90’s to breakout as a singles competitor throughout various wrestling promotions but just couldn’t catch a break. He probably thought he was destined to be bigger than just a tag-team partner, this picture is probably 5 years after 1991-1992 and the difference between those pictures has been gigantic to say the least.

I don’t know what Scott has done to himself but it looks like a mixture of heavy lifting, eating and steroids (obviously), his physique has grown tremendously and he looks to be on a super bulk this time but his body is not deflated rather his biceps and shoulders look like they are going to leak or explode.


Big Poppa Pump is born, just look at his first bulk from 1989 and compare him to 1998 and the difference is GIGANTIC. I do believe Steiner has been blessed with insane genetics regardless of steroids abuse but the steroids literally made his physique super human especially for wrestling standards.

He was now the absolute Alpha Male of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, he had gained this new level of confidence which saw him bragging about being a better lover than everyone else and how every woman wanted to be with him. His frame became absolutely shredded with veins popping out from everywhere in his arms, he was basically pumped 24/7 to say the least.


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    1. “must” is an understatement, he did use steroids and no one can deny it

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