The Ultimate Warrior – Most Shredded Man In Wrestling History

(Last Updated On: 28th December 2017)

Before there was the Genetic Freak Scott Steiner and aesthetic king  Zyzz there was the Ultimate Warrior who is bar none one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, whilst he will not remember for his in-ring technical skills rather he will always be known for his larger than life persona.

Also add that to his nonsensical philosophical promos, roided shredded physique, face paint, a megastar in the Rock n Roll era of wrestling and most importantly someone who finally surpassed Hulk Hogans popularity which had a monopoly in wrestling since 1985.

It eventually led to a match at Wrestlemania 6 which would see Warrior beat Hogan for the championship in front of a record-breaking audience.

While Warrior or anyone else didn’t revolutionize wrestling the way Hogan did but Warrior still went on to become a big draw after becoming the face of the company, him and Hogan set a new attendance record for their main-event and Warrior was on top of the world.

Warrior is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time even after his death in 2014, he had cemented his legacy in this world as a mega-star which has not been replicated till this day.

He was known for his explosiveness and power moves which was unprecedented for that time, he overhead pressed Hogan which takes extreme effort as Hogan was no light weight.

It was obvious judging from his physique that Warrior was a avid bodybuilder, he had been blessed with great genetics as his physique was constantly cut and shredded but then again steroids also help maintain lean body fat through the year.

He had started bodybuilding at a young age and as you will see in the pictures below The Ultimate Warrior had a very underrated transformation, he started of in the business as a Mr Olympia look-a-like but slowly trimmed down over the years and achieved a physique which no other wrestler maybe apart from Rick Rude could achieve.

Don’t get me wrong Rick Rude had an awesome physique but he did not have the same amount of muscle mass and low body fat compared to the Warrior.

Early days in bodybuilding – Early 80’s

These two pictures are the earliest I could find of the Warrior from the early 80’s when he started bodybuilding, the only problem is I do not know which is more recent as he totally looks different in both pictures.

I’m guessing the picture on the left is earliest as he has a moustache and looks more youthful whereas in the second he looks like an absolute beast and has packed on mass, become more defined and looks aged compared to the first picture.

The pictures show that Warrior had abundance of bodybuilding potential regardless of steroids, no matter how much muscle he packed on he always maintained his genetically gifted physique even till his death.

His abs have always been a strong point as he would never be seen bloated, his abs always looked like they were getting better day by day which can be seen from his pictures all the way from the late 80’s to the late 00’s.

Wrestling Debut – 1985-86

The Ultimate Warrior started his wrestling career with a bang, he woo the crowd with his muscular intimidating presence and man-handled two guys who looked no more than 180 pounds by lifting them over his head and pinning winning in a dominant fashion.

His physique was perfect for the wrestling business those days as men with big personalities and bodies were always loved by the crowd, Warrior looked very beefy compared to the early 80’s and had packed on more mass.

He was muscular and intimidating but he wasn’t as cut compared to his bodybuilding days and it was only in 1986 when the Warrior started go on a calorie deficit presumably as can be seen in the last picture where he looked trim compared to the year before.

Dingo Warrior – 1986-87

Near to the late 80’s Warrior had cut down a lot of his frame and was not bulky as previously, however that wasn’t entirely a bad thing as he looked to have one of the most promising physiques in wrestling that time.

His body had clear definition and wasn’t just a big muscly dude, his body was no way over the top but due to the lean mass and low body fat he still had a physique which was unprecedented for his time.

WWF Debut And Fired – 1987 – 1991

The above pictures are in chronological order highlighting the Warriors transformation through the years, by the time he came to the WWF he was in extremely good shape and had put on extra size compared to couple of months before where he was wrestling in the small leagues.

He looks more bulky and round and that continued because by 1998 he was little bigger and had also managed to maintain his lean muscle and body fat.

It looks like he was on Growth Hormone and steroids because no matter how big he got, he always managed to keep his visible 6 pack and vascularity.

He looked better as the years went by, from 1989-1991 it looks like he started cutting even further body fat and weight because he grew veins in his arms top to bottom and his abs got ripped than previously.

1992 – Return

This was an interesting point the career of the Ultimate Warrior, he had returned after 6 months and for the first time in his life he was small.

He didn’t look good at all compared to his previous years, he had lost a huge amount of muscle mass, he was no longer defined or cut and most importantly his abs had disappeared.

There are rumors as to what happened to him such as dying due to his blood vessels popping however none of them are true, its well documented that Vince McMahon was under investigation for supplying steroids to his wrestlers and Ultimate Warrior had also failed a drug test around the same time by taking Growth Hormone. He left soon after and would return later in 1996.

1996 – Return

The 4 years he took off actually did him some good, he looked damn impressive and was back to normal from the late 80’s and early 90’s. He had regained his rock hard abs and texture which he was missing from his 1992 return and had gained back a lot of mass.

His return in 1996 would cause a ratings spike which showed he was still a draw however he left the company again due to monetary issues and would pop back up in the wrestling scene during the height of the Monday Night Wars.

WCW Debut – 1998

The Ultimate Warrior made his debut in 1998, 2 years after his last WWF run and it was like he had never left wrestling in the first place. He was in damn good shape his mid-section like always was the focal point.

He had managed to maintain his low level body fat even after those 2 years considering he was in his late 30’s those days, while he wasn’t bulky or possessed the same amount of mass like he did previously he was however more trim considering his age.

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