Test – Steroids Transformation

(Last Updated On: 28th December 2017)

Today I will write an article about a wrestler I’m sure you many of my readers who are interested in wrestling will have heard of, he wasn’t a larger than life character or box office draw which I am accustomed to writing about rather it will be a wrestler who had served the WWE for more than 5 years.

Andrew Martin who went by the in ring name Test had some what of a interesting career, he won many championships apart from the big one and was an active television performer on a weekly basis.

He was trained by the legendary performer Bret The Hitman Hart after the two met in a restaurant in Canada, Test made his debut with the WWF end of 1998 which was considered to be the peak for wrestling in what was known as the Attitude Era.

This means that he was in the same company working along the likes with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Kane, Foley, Rock, DX and also going head to head with rival company WCW for total domination of the wrestling industry.

The scary thing about Test is that some consider his second run the most important of his career even though it was only for a couple of months and he did manage to make an impact….. in a bad and good way.

He did come back to the company 2 years later with an improved version of his former self compared to his last run but he wasn’t improved in a good way rather it was a case of changing supplements. Test had started his transformation maybe a year before he left the company in late 2004, he had cut his hair and had packed on a good amount of muscle mass and was obvious he was taking steroids.

When he did return in 2006 with a million dollar body, it was a complete steroids transformation which I and nor would have anyone else expected. He was bigger and better than before, its like he had increased dosage of growth hormone and Winstrol and  while he did look good but it didn’t help him considering he was released from the company for steroids use couple of months later and then also died couple of months later in 2007.

Test was no major draw or even close to being popular, he was just a guy that managed to enter the wrestling scene during the boom period in his early 20’s and not many people can attest to that.

It cannot be said for certainty how Test would have fared in the world of wrestling if he had made his debut pumped on testosterone and growth hormone instead of  being a tall and lean bland enforcer.

He did have intensity but that’s about it, he lacked any real personality, gimmick or charisma to breakout as a major singles star, the only time he remotely looked like a star was during the last 2-3 years before his death and that was all due to gym and steroids.

Martins transformation was epic due to it being a shocker and not gradual, he never tried to go beyond his genetic capacity whilst wrestling for WWE but rather was done maybe just a year just before his return to WWE after a 2 year break.

His body transformation is one of the originals and the reason why it goes unnoticed it because he wasn’t really much of a big star for anyone to care and his steroid transformation is one the best in the wrestling industry after the likes of the legendary Scott Steiner.

Whilst Jinder Mahal has also undergone an infamous epic steroid transformation which has people talking, but that was only due to the fact that Jinder soon became the WWE champion after being a jobber for most of his career and he would have remained a jobber if it wasn’t for his body transformation.

Test physique fluctuated throughout the course of his career, when he debut in 1998 he was tall and toned with very little mass but over the years he did start to look bigger due to weight gain however that was not entirely negative because it did make him look wider compared to when he debut.

Maybe if Test was still alive then he could have gotten people talking and maybe he would have become champion aswell but due to a short lived career it will never be known how far his potential could have reached if he remained a steroid abusing beast.

Test was in no way in bad shape for his debut and while he wasn’t very over the top he did have a good enough frame for live television during the late 90’s. He was neither huge and stacked with muscles or thin, he was basically in the middle with good amount of muscle for his height with a toned physique and a visible six pack.

he stayed like this for  couple of years and then did manage to put some pounds on but that was mainly fat as he didn’t have much of a physique until he left WWE.

Weight gain Phase – 2001

After a couple of years with the company Test was looking older and more heavier, his frame had become bigger especially from the mid-section which looked like a bubble gut but without abs.

He lost weight the following year and was involved in a big match with The Undertaker at Summerslam, 2002 would have been the last year of the old Test with his skinny or heavy look, his long hair was gone and he was new and improved Test which will be shown below.

Test And Winstrol – 2003

End of 2002 and beginning of 2003 Test introduced himself as a new man, the trademark leather pants and long hair were gone…. and also he was in damn good shape. He had never looked like this previously, he had packed on some muscle mass and become ripped and he did all this within couple of months.

His abs were a visible feature something which he had never had before, he had considerable arm growth especially the delts, biceps and his traps were way bigger than before. I don’t know if he was on steroids this time it was a good transformation in a short period of time and set the stage of what was to come.

The Final Cycle – 2006-2007

After his release from the company in late 2004 Test wouldn’t be seen back on WWE television till late 2006. Test return was impactful in or so it seemed, he was thrown in the main event scene for the C brand “ECW” which is saying something because he wasn’t going to be put on the other brands with an already stacked roster.

He was in a feud with another obvious steroid user Bobby Lashley, the feud was realist as both guys were the same height and nearly the same size. Test returned after 2 years bigger than before, he was more vascular, intimidating and far more muscular and while his biceps were not that big maybe due to genetics his chest on the other hand was bigger.

He was released from the company in early 2007 for violating the wellness programme (he was basically on steroids) and then dies near the end of the year at a young age of 33, his life was a test.



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