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(Last Updated On: 28th December 2017)

Another steroids post but I’m going to do something different and discuss it in reverse as the title indicates, its not something I have done before so will give it a try and hopefully you will enjoy.

The last couple of posts have been about steroid transformations among past and current wrestlers so this time I would like to do another wrestler but i will not look at his steroid transformation pre natty rather it will be analysing post steroids.

Without further due I will be looking at the transformation of one of the biggest names in wrestling, the man called Sting.

He was one of the biggest wrestling stars throughout the 90’s, he wasn’t in the WWF with along the likes Hogan and Ultimate Warrior rather he was working for WCW who would later go onto beat WWF in the rating during the Monday Night Wars 86 consecutive weeks in a row.

Unfortunately WCW then would be eventually bought out by WWF the same company they were trying to put out of business.

Another interesting history lesson, Sting and the Ultimate Warrior were training buddies in Gold Gym and made their debut as jacked up bodybuilders called The Blade Runners in the mid 80’s.

While Warrior physique was more aesthetically pleasing but Sting did still look intimidating thanks to his powerhouse move set which he used on guys that were 100 pounds lighter than him.

While he had lost most of his muscle mass he still managed to look intimating thanks to his portrayal of the Crow gimmick.

Warrior would go onto join the WWF and become the biggest star in wrestling after beating Hogan for the championship in the Wrestlemania main event.

Sting  on the other hand would go and join WCW and become one of the most popular wrestlers in the country and beat Ric Flair for the championship who at the time was WCW biggest superstar.

Sting caught his biggest break yet in  1997 when he returned to WCW mimicking Brandon Lees character known as the Crow.

As you will see Sting was no longer big compared to his previous days and was his smallest physique to date.

Sting started to lose a lot of muscle mass during the early 90’s and got only smaller as the years went on as i will highlight with pictures.

Sting admitted he was on steroids when he started bodybuilding and when he started wrestling, he then mentioned that he stopped taking steroids in 1990 which is also true because he was no longer carrying the same mass as he did in the mid-80’s and when the 90’s began.

Bodybuilding competing – 1982 

One of the earliest pictures I could find on the internet, the picture shows Sting participating in a bodybuilding competition and its quite obvious that he has some active gynecomastia.

For those who are not aware gynecomastia is caused by steroids, maybe I am wrong and the nipple is swollen for some other reason however if you put the two together then its not difficult to reach a conclusion.

Wrestling Debut – 1985

Since his competition days Sting had packed on a lot of mass, while he wasn’t aesthetically pleasing due to dehydration he was however much more stronger and intimidating considering his height was 6’3.

He was similar in size to the Ultimate Warrior but possessed less vascularity and definition, these pictures of Sting during the mid-80s while on steroids were the only ones I could find as there are not many while he was on his own.

Cutting Stage – 1987-1989

These are some of the earliest and clearest pictures I could find from those years which give a proper sight to Sings physique, Sting is in his peak in regards to having mass and definition. He doesn’t look like a mass monster compared to the time he debut, in the pictures above he possesses lean muscle mass with visible abs something he would eventually lose and gain continuously over the years.

The Last Time He Ever Took Steroids – 1990

According to an interview by the stinger, 1990 was the last year he stopped taking steroids and has never taken them since. Once you are on national TV then it is not that easy to put down the needle considering presentation is key if you are out there to sell yourself and make money from customers.

I for one do believe him and the reason being because his physique was never the same. This photo was taken the day he beat Ric Flair for the title, his physique had diminished compared to late 80’s which was just a year prior. In the picture he has no definition, lost his abs and looks below average.

Natural Training – 1991-1996

These pictures are post steroids in Stings career, Sting is still in good shape despite being of steroids as he claimed. while he doesnt have the abs he had couple of years prior he still has gradually over the years managed to bulk up and possessed more mass like he did back in 1985. Judging from the pictures it seems like he is on a bulk considering he has put on body weight, while he isn’t fat but his arms look like they have grown by couple of inches.

The Crow Transformation 1997-2000

Not only has Sting has a gimmick change but also a body transformation but not the body transformation one would expect. By 1997 Sting had lost all his muscle mass, his physique had shrunk by huge proportions considering he no longer had those same bulging biceps and wide upper body. He did look good in 2000 with clear cut abs that he used to have 10 years prior and he never went back to the bulky look after and has remained currently the same size since 2000.


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