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(Last Updated On: 28th December 2017)

Batista is part of a unique era known as the Ruthless Aggression Era which is post the highly successful Attitude Era.

The Ruthless Aggression era was unique because the wrestlers had regressed back to early 90’s in regards to being jacked and powerhouses.

The newcomers such as Batista, John Cena and Brock Lesnar were the future mega-stars and were being groomed as the faces of the company.

Batista debut in WWE came in 2002 which was the transition year after the Attitude era, Batista joined the main roster 2 months after Brock Lesnar.

Batista always showed potential due to his incredible physique, he joined as an enforcer who would overcome his opponents with unmatched physical strength.

There was no way that Vince McMahon would keep a guy with such a larger than life presence in the mid-card territory.

6-7 months down the line Batista was given the opportunity to hang with the big boys such as HHH and Ric Flair as part of the wrestling stable known as Evolution.

After 2 years being in the group he was propelled into the main-event scene and won his first World Championship at Wrestlemania 21 against HHH, his former mentor.

Standing at a billed height of 6 ft. 6 inches and being a former bodybuilder Batista was destined for greatness in WWE, he was everything the company looked for in regards to being a superstar as he could play the unbeatable bad guy or the jacked superhero.

There is no doubt in my mind Batista was on steroids, I do not know his body stats apart from he was being billed as 300 pounds in 2005 but as I will eventually show in the pictures below Batista was a jacked powerhouse with incredible traps and bicep peaks.

Not only did he manage to look like a muscle monster and tower everybody around him but he was shredded to the core which is quite rare for a guy his size.

His mid-section looked strange at times as his stomach looked like a GH gut and his arms looked like that had synthol, during his peak he always had gross looking veins in his pectoral and arms area.

His biceps always had veins popping out from everywhere but that was maybe due to the tight armbands he wore.

Batista was 35-37 years old around 2005 and he was in the best shape of his life, he had been working out for the last 17-18 years, then again who hasn’t been working out for that long and still haven’t in no shape or form looked like Batista.

While Batista was a mega-star when he was juicing around 2005-2006, unfortunately he was barely a blip on the radar when he left wrestling in 2010 and returned after a 4 year hiatus in 2014.

It didn’t even look like the same Batista, he was no longer a muscle mass monster, was wearing skin tight jeans, lost his hair and basically looked like every other mid-card wrestler on the roster.

He was no longer a larger than life superstar and was far from a attraction, his return was abyssal to the point no one could care less and was disliked by the fans so much that the company had to turn him into a bad guy.

People love larger than life characters and Batista had failed miserably to attract his old crowd back however not all hope was lost as he would go onto be a star in the multi-billion dollar Marvel cinematic universe despite not looking like a genetic beast.

Another important point to make is that in 2007 a steroid scandal took place with many wrestlers were on record for having ordering steroids through a doctor, many of the names include Randy Orton, Big Show and Batista.

Batista denied ever being a patient but another thing to point out is that Randy Orton was also part of the scandal but did not get suspended because of his big push and feud with John Cena. It was obvious that the big stars were not going to be punished.

Wrestling Debut 99-2000

Batista in 1999 Batista in 1999

This is one of the earliest pictures i could find of Batista in 1999, he was around 29 years old and was in good shape. He has been blessed with good genetics and doesn’t have excess fat and looks to be about 8-10 % body fat.

His veins are growing out of his arms rapidly from the looks of it so the arm band argument goes out the window. No doubt in my mind he was on steroids here as he looks like someone ready for television stardom.

Raw Debut 2003

Batista Raw Debut 2003

This was the first year of Batista first major single run and joined Evolution soon after. He was probably the biggest guy on the roster due to vascularity and traps, his traps were a major sing of steroid use as they are highly androgen receptive.

His chest looks flat and stomach looks distended but that could be down to genetics or growth hormone as i mentioned before.

Shredded 2004-2005

Batista Shredded 2004-2005

This was Batista peak in terms of muscular definition, aesthetics and body fat. He looked amazing and had lost the mini bubble gut he was carrying around, his body fat level must of been around 6-8% considering his abs overly visible for a guy his height and size.

In contrast to 2003 he was in incredible shape, maybe he was of the growth hormone and was experimenting with shredding steroids. He did not look bloated and had paper thin skin thanks to his special supplements and diet.

Hair Loss 2006-2010

Batista physique didn’t change much (until 2014) since his peak days all the way towards his hiatus in 2010.

He managed to keep his larger than life jacked look and the only thing changed about him was his hair loss which was either down to genetics or steroids.

Return 2014

After a 4 year hiatus this is the Batista that the fans got and it wasn’t a pretty site. No offence to Batista but he was no longer the same person that got popular with the fans because he was a larger than life jacked bodybuilder.

Its obvious he lost a lot of weight and most of his muscle, he was of the steroids and i am sure he felt much better and healthy.

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