Alcohol And Gynecomastia

(Last Updated On: 28th December 2017)

Alcohol And Manboobs

  • Yes, unfortunately alcohol contributes to your having man boobs in several different ways, and if you continue drinking alcohol while trying to lose man boobs, it’ll just make it that much harder and take you that much longer to reach your goals – that’s if you ever reach them at all

Alcohol And Calories

  • Alcohol contains calories in the form of simple sugars, that quickly enter the blood stream, causing an insulin spike and encouraging the storage of fat.
  • If you account for the calories in alcohol by eating less food, then you have another problem.
  • The calories in alcohol are what they call ‘empty’ calories, meaning they contain no vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber or other good stuff that you need in order to lose your man boobs

Alcohol And Fat

  • Another way alcohol causes you to get fat is by occupying the liver. While alcohol is in your system, your body stops burning fat so that it can metabolize the alcohol.

Alcohol And Hormone Levels

  • Alcohol also causes a massive interference with your hormone levels. It increases the stress hormone cortisol which breaks down muscle tissue. It also decreases testosterone and increases estrogen

Alcohol And Death

  • Indeed, scientific studies have actually proven that moderate alcohol consumption regardless of whether you binge or not, increases the risk of estrogen-depended cancers by 30-50% (Terry MB et al. 2006).

Source: Gary Davisdon

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