HHH Steroids Transformation

(Last Updated On: 12th January 2018)

It’s been a while since I have done this so why not come back and do a big one for my readers, unlike the other steroid transformations I have done on wrestlers who are currently dead or from another era, HHH is still an active part-time competitor. “Part Time Competitor” is an interesting terminology in a contract because that this means that only full-time performers are drug tested and guys like Brock Lesnar, The Rock and HHH are exempt.

HHH has had an interesting career and currently still does as he is not only married to the daughter of Vince McMahon who is the boss of the company but also he has become a big player in the corporate world as he is also making decisions in his father-in-laws company.

Not only is he a big player in the corporate world thanks to the success of WWE but he was also big player in the wrestling business under 20 years ago, while HHH was not a box-office draw long the likes of Hogan, Austin and The Rock and nor was the he ever “The Guy” but he managed to stay relevant as being the best villain against the companies super heroes such as Austin and The Rock.

While HHH was not always a muscle head and main-event player, he was however though part of the Kliq which comprised of other wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels and were known for undermining pre-determined finishes. HHH was groomed to be a future main eventer ever since he was paired with Shawn Michaels and Chyna in a group known as the infamous D-Generation X.

He didn’t have the look of a good guy or even a bad guy and could not be marketed, his physique was below average up until 1999 which saw his status change in the company and so did his muscle groups.

HHH physique has gone thorough many interesting stages as will be highlighted below, I can think of maybe 3 times that HHH has returned with a roided filled and testosterone pumped body compared to his former out of shape and fat self.

His first transformation which took place around the better part of 1999, he was on a bulk from the looks of it around mid-99 and he had lost the mid-section bulge around August 99; it looks like he was on Deca or Trenbolone. His second transformation came after his quad injury in June 2001, he had missed the failed and poorly rated WWF VS WCW/ECW storyline.

He returned to the company in  January 2002 in his best form ever, the last time someone had a physique similar to him was The Ultimate Warrior. HHH physique was on a whole different level of awesome, its like he had gone 3 times bigger than he was previously.

For the next 5 years or so HHH had let himself go and he lost a lot of definition through out his body, he was no longer intimidating nor did he look like superhero and looked terribly flabby until his return after another injury where he lost the bulge and looked a lot better with visible abs.

While HHH has always been an avid bodybuilder, Currently HHH is 48 years old and still has a physique of a young man. The company has a wellness policy test but there is no way the Vince McMahons son-in-law will have a drug test.

Its well known that the top superstars of the company will not be drug tested by outside officials, many fake nattys such as Cena, brock Lesnar and HHH fall into this category. With their aging bodies there is only so much training and diet can do.

Considering testosterone levels decrease 1% after hitting 30 years of age, his on the other hand have been going up 2% up every year from the looks of it.

1997- 1998 – DX Glory Days 

Standing at 6″4 HHH shows potential for muscle growth, he has a wide upper body with a thin abdomen. Whilst he shows no signs of abs early on in his career, that would all change starting from late 99 to early 2000. His physique is below average here, I’m sure he was lifting heavy at this time but it was in no way helping him with aesthetics.

Whilst this physique does not require the use of steroids, it would still be hard to tell if he was not using them and this type of physique can be achieved through heavy weight training and caloric surplus.

1999 – Bulk

This was the first time HHH looked to be in a bulk in his tenure with the company, it would be only couple of months down the line he would be supporting a new transformed physique which I will show below.

As seen in the pictures he has put on a lot of weight with his body showing signs of extra fat especially around his mid-section. He has no muscle definition and is flat mostly from everywhere but to give benefit of the doubt he was on a bulk after all… and a testosterone cycle.

End of 99 – First Ever Transformation

His first steroid transformation is complete, the obvious answer is in the enlargement of the deltoids as they are usually one of the major signs of steroid use. HHH has become trim and finally possesses a set of visible abs, his back has gone wider along with his chest and gives him the look of a bodybuilder competitor from the 70’s.  These pictures don’t actually do him justice as he was actually a lot bigger as can be seen on the internet.

The transformation had been remarkable and completely changed his status in the company, there is no doubt in my mind that he was given the green light by Vince McMahon to go on the juice and get ready for a big push within the company, you have to remember it was around this time that HHH was running the show and was in every single  PPV main-event for more than a whole year.

2002 – Return from Injury

In what can be described as one of the most surreal moments in wrestling history, HHH returned after 7 months looking like a Mr Olympia. He was insanely jacked and no one on TV could match his physique, he was muscle machine and was a mass monster that looked like a descendant of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane. His body had grew 3 times more bigger, he had an upper body of a 70’s bodybuilder.

One of his biggest features were his lats, his back had gone so wide that that he used walk with his arms 10 inches from his torso and his conditioning was unparalleled compared to anyone else. His physique did not stay long as it was impossible to maintain without the use of steroids and had lost a considerable amount of definition within a year.

Dad Bod To PED Bod – 2003-2007

This was HHH third transformation and unfortunately happened after a quad tear like last time, his body transformations have always come after an injury. HHH had increased his weight by a great margin and started to look terrible in 2004, he had lost all definition, muscle and vascularity; he was like a big round meatball.

He returned in 2007 after 7 months rehabilitating an injury, he was at his lowest body-fat to date from the looks of it, while he was not on the level of his 2002 return, he did look in great shape considering he was just about to hit 40.

One Last Transformation 2010-2016

His last transformation for now, he is 48 after all so how many times will he be expected to have the physique of a person in his 30’s.

The first picture was taken in 2010 while the second picture is from 2016, no wonder HHH still manages to headline PPVs even 17 years after his prime because he still looks like hes in his prime.

The sweet benefits of steroids.

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