Brock Lesnar – Natty Or Not?

(Last Updated On: 26th January 2018)

Some of you maybe thinking am i even serious for asking this question, I know Brock Lesnar inst natural but not everyone thinks that.

Hell, not even Lesnar likes to believe hes on steroids as he stated couple of years ago that hes a “jacked white boy and built like a black man”. Ronnie Coleman is natty according to Brock’s logic!

Before I go into discussing Brock Lesnar natty status, it has to be said that he is the best thing to happen to the wrestling world post Monday Night wars.

Standing at 6″3 and 265 pounds Brock was destined to become the biggest thing in the world of wrestling and rightfully did so.

He was a larger than life destroying beast, his character was a muscle monster that possessed unprecedented strength and would use power moves and swing guys who weighed 400 pounds over his head like they were nothing.

He beat The Rock to become the youngest WWE champion in the company’s history and stacked up a impressive resume in his 2 year tenure.

He was the ultimate alpha male, after he became tired with WWE schedule he went to the NFL which was unsuccessful and short lived.

He then pursued a career in MMA and why the hell not, he was an absolute beast and nothing could come close to his level. He became one of the biggest draw in UFC history with having the third spot at box office which is an impressive achievement.

He had become the most legitimate wrestler in the history of fake wrestling and at the same time being in the same boat with the likes of GSP and Connor McGregor as the biggest PPV sellers in UFC.

Brock Lesnar natty claim is highly doubtful which the pictures will show, there was a huge and remarkable difference in his muscle growth as a teenager and while in the High School Wrestling team.

It cannot be said for sure if his super human strength is down to steroids or genetics as he was extremely jacked and looked like he was on Dbol and growth hormone during his amateur wrestling career.

He has an interesting timeline with PEDs, he was caught with growth hormone in 2001 at the age of 23 and the judge threw the case out citing the pills as vitamins.

Throughout his career he has apparently taken more than 60 drug tests but then again I am sure Vince McMahon and HHH have also done the same. He claims to have taken drug tests in college, NFL, WWE and UFC.

His physique is just to highly questionable, he has or did have the physique of a 70’s Mr Olympia at age of 25. Despite him being bodybuilding enthusiast at a young age, it still hard to fathom how he could achieve such a physique at a natural level.

How many of us are also bodybuilding enthusiasts yet we do not even look a tenth like Brock.

The closest call Brock had with steroids was after UFC 200 July 2016, even his opponent Mark Hunt was intimidated as he accused him of being a steroid user.

Another UFC fighter Alistair Overeem, a previous steroid user has also stated that Brock would have to be a steroid user and would not be possible for him to achieve his body naturally.

After Brock Lesnar victorious fight against Mark Hunt, Brock was suspended, fined and had his victorious decision overturned to forfeit.

Mark Hunt had been right to an extent, while Brock did not get caught with steroids he he did however test positive for Clomid which is a Post Cycle Therapy drug or in other words a estrogen blocker.

Brock Looked in absolutely amazing condition for his fight with extreme low body-fat levels than he is usually accustomed to, he didn’t suffer from the apparent steroid bloat he usually does in WWE as i have shown in the pictures below.

These pictures are 4 months apart.

Freshman Wrestling Team

Its hard to tell the age of Brock in some pictures, in this one he looks like a 15 year old super human out of Arkham Asylum, no offence to Brock.

He shows potential for muscle growth early on his life, he has a wide frame and his infamous lack of neck is also developing. He also shows signs of traps growth however that could be due to teenage growth which is common for some people.

College Wrestling Team

I do not know the exact age but he looks to be 20 years old, there is a extraordinary difference in the last 5 years.

He has managed to transform his whole body with his upper body showing extreme growth, especially the shoulders which is the first area steroids attack in the body. In most of his pictures he is the doing the front shoulders pose, if i had his traps then i would as well.

Development Training And WWE Debut

There is only a 1-2 year difference between the pictures, the first one is when he joined the development program in 2000-2001 and the second picture is from 2002. There isn’t much difference between the pictures however there is a gigantic difference between his college and WWE days, while he was remarkably big in college…. hes become remarkably bigger  2-4 years later.

There is no way Brock was natty as there have been guys big as him the past such as Tony Atlas, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior who were all obvious steroid users. Brock was primed to be the next big thing and how could he be the next big thing if he was just only 200 pounds, he needed that extra 50 pounds or so from somewhere and he wasn’t going to get it by eating protein and fats.

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