Vince McMahon – Natty Or Not?

(Last Updated On: 14th February 2018)

Very few people have revolutionized the entertainment industry and PPV business. Very few people will have their names written in history for providing must see television and most importantly he will always be remembered for screwing his own employee in their hometown on live television.

Vince McMahon is one of those people who history will remember despite coming under fire for producing some controversial episodes which are even to stupid to mention but I will do anyway such as the Katie Vick and God script, and other nonsense which i will now stop mentioning.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon has lived an interesting life something maybe no other CEO has ever done, he took over his fathers wrestling business and made into a worldwide sensation even though it does not currently hold mainstream popularity.

He will be remembered for giving us the Rock ‘n Roll and Attitude era, the latter produced record breaking television ratings thanks to stiff competition against WCW. He was revolutionary and innovative hence his company’s longevity and eventually buying out his rival WCW who tried to put him out of business for years.

Vince McMahon had been blessed with the ability to perform according to a script and also improvise, he was after all the boss of a scripted entertainment company. He was most importantly blessed with great genetics, he was 6″2 and admired roided larger than life superstars who were jacked to the bone such as Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.

Vince McMahon never showed his physique until early 1999, he mostly confined himself to loose modest clothing. It’s important to remember that Vince McMahon is currently 72 and will be 73 this August.

That means he was 52 years old when he walked down the ramp on a Monday Night Raw episode in 1998 with a black vest and ripped it in Hulk Hogan fashion exposing his toned physique.

Vince McMahon is 6″2 and billed weight is 248 lb (112 kg) according to Wikipedia, Sergio Olivia on the other hand is 5″10 and billed weight was 245 lb (111 kg) and was the only one to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mr Olympia. Its impossible for Vince McMahon to be natural and yet weigh nearly the same as Sergio who was an obvious steroid user along with the likes of Arnold.

Vince McMahon is no stranger to steroids, most of his biggest performers in the early 90’s were steroid users such as Warrior and Hogan both of whom had to leave the company temporary due to the steroid scandal.

It’s obvious from the physiques of guys like Austin, HHH and The Rock that they were on steroids during the Attitude era, why wouldn’t Mr McMahon be also on the juice considering he was the main focal points of the show as he was in every segment and PPV.

He had to look good similar to his peers as he couldn’t be a scrawny 6″2 evil boss, he was on live television after all with ten million viewers watching him so why wouldn’t he do his best to look good.

Vince McMahon is the boss and he decides who takes steroids and who doesn’t, his son in law HHH at the age of 48 has the physique of a 30 year old.

And then you have guys like Jinder Mahal who was made the WWE Champion because WWE wanted to tap into the Indian market. And You have the obvious Brock Lesnar but i wont waste my time on that, lets now look at Vince McMahon’s transformation over the years.

The Biggest CEO In The World – 1998

This was in April 1998 as far as i can recall, these were good days and were not hard to forget, I believe this was the first time Vince McMahon cam out in front a live audience and television viewers wearing a vest.

He was maybe 51 years old and there is no denying he is in good shape despite his age. He does not have a belly and he has a wide upper body which gives the impression that he has been hitting the weights.

He has a bulky look despite not having any vascularity or not looking toned, whether he is on steroids here is hard to tell.

Transformation – 1999

A 52 year CEO is not supposed to look like this, 20 inch vein arms with visible veins, oil on torso, visible abs and a better physique than a bodybuilder on off-season.

Its not still clear if he was on steroids at this point because sometimes the right lighting, oil and camera angle is all you need to make you look better than you should.

There is no doubt there is a remarkable difference from the previous 8 months however i do believe Vinnie Mac was on steroids at this point of his life. He is 52 years old and has had a body transformation, how many people have a body transformation at 30?

Testosterone Replacement therapy 2003-Current

I conclude that he is on TRT as he has managed to stay in shape for the last 19 years, not even Arnold Schwarzenegger could ever do that. There is no denying Vince has good genetics, plenty of wealth, experienced personal coaches and plenty of more wealth to purchase quality steroids.

Vince McMahon is 70 in the last picture and looks better than most young men and adolescents. His traps have gone bigger over the years and is a common sign among steroid users as steroids tend to attack the androgen receptors in the shoulders before anything.

Vince McMahon Steroid transformation coming up… Don’t miss it!


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