Brock Lesnar Steroids To Natural Transformation

(Last Updated On: 5th March 2018)

Couple of weeks ago i wrote an article discussing if Brock Lesnar was natural or not and after stating the obvious that he wasn’t i wanted now to discuss the times he has been probably natural.

Believe it not there are times when bodybuilders are natural in their lives, those times can be when they want to retire or off season, Brock on the other hand i believe has been on steroids even while on off-season.

His whole career for the last 5 years has been off-season thanks to his unprecedented contract which he earns $5 millions annually and works up to 4 times a year, basically the good life.

He has more body transformations in one year than any other wrestler would in 3 years and Brock only shows up to work maybe 4-5 times a year.

He is at the stage in his career where he doesn’t care what he looks like, especially as the muscle monster he once debut in 2002. Even nearly a year later Brock had lost a lot of definition despite maintaining his huge frame.

There are times where he looks absolutely jacked and then there are times where he looks absolute shit…. 30 days later.

While he maintains arm definition, he cannot however maintain mid-section and chest definition as i will show in pictures.

Even if he is on a steroid cycle it doesn’t help him look good as he becomes extremely soft and loses the hard skin texture he usually has.

He becomes fat and develops manboobs due to the excessive breast fat accumulating in his already 60 inch chest.

The excess fat is caused by unhealthy eating and lack of training, its not sure how Brock manages to maintain his huge size on his days off as they usually last up 40 days.

The only 2 reasons i can think of is that Brock has been blessed with great genetics or he is on testosterone which doesn’t require the use of training to build muscle according to research which can be found online.

Lets now look at all the times when Brock has been off steroids and gone natty and even then i have no way of knowing if he was ever natty in the first place.

Before his UFC 200 suspension where he looked in amazing shape, he was in WWE 4 months prior and looked fat and soft. He got suspended in UFC for using Clomid which is an estrogen blocker, something which people who cycle off steroids use.

So even if he was using steroids while in WWE then he should get a refund as there were not really doing him any favours. Below are the pictures with only a 4 months difference, Brock was suspended and fined from the UFC for using an anti-estrogen blocker which meant Brock was most likely on steroids in the first picture.


2006-2009 First Steroid To Natural Transformation

The first picture is from around 2006-2007 and the two latter pics are from 2009, Brock Vs Mir 2. Even though Brock is tensing in the first picture he still shows good conditioning, around 10% body fat and on steroids.

He has managed to stay in good shape after leaving the WWE 2 years prior and playing in the NFL however for some reason he couldn’t maintain the formidable physique he was famous for once he joined UFC.

He let himself go and put on some weight whilst losing a lot of muscle and definition around 2009, this was after a his highly anticipated debut and title win against Randy Couture. Maybe he was content with his life and decided to take it easy after being on steroids for the better part of the last decade.

2013-2016 – Beast To Belly

2013 was by far the best Brock lesnar, he looked like an absolute tank and not someone you would want to mess with in public let alone on a dark night in an alley by yourself.

He maintained a good physique for a good 3 years until 2016, the latter pic shows Brock not as developed as previously but it could just be the lighting.

However i doubt it as i will show that 2016 was the beginning of the end, after 2016 he rarely took care of himself and looked unhealthy, fat and gained manboobs.

Brock Lesnar Beast To Breast 2016-Current

The first picture is from August 2016 and Brock is in absolutely one of his best physiques ever, this was his post controversial win against UFC fighter Mark Hunt, Brock was fined and suspended for clomid use which is an estrogen blocker.

Brock had never been so trimmed in his life and was probably 7-8% body fat, fast forward to November in his match against Goldberg he looks like he has manboobs. The pictures doesn’t do justice, when watching the match Brock looks really fat.

Even at the Royal Rumble 2018 there were times where his manboobs were so soft that they looked like they were going to fall off. It’s obvious he does not care about his diet and conditioning anymore but you cannot exactly live all you’re remaining life on steroids.

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