Flaxseeds And Gynecomastia – Reduce Estrogen

(Last Updated On: 3rd March 2018)

Flaxseeds Fight Off Estrogen!

  • Studies have shown that flaxseeds inhibit the growth of human estrogen-dependent cancers. In the same way, they help to reduce man boobs by inhibiting the effects of excess estrogen.
  • They are high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Increasing your intake of omega-3s will help you to lose weight, help reverse inflammatory diseases, reduce your blood pressure, improve your immune system..

Flaxseeds And Cancer

  • As though improving insulin sensitivity and helping us to lose weight wasn’t enough, omega-3s in flaxseeds also help to lower estrogen. They do this by helping to modulate estrogen metabolism.
  • Estrogen in the liver can either be metabolized via the C-2, C-4 or C-16 pathway. When metabolized via the C-2 pathway, it forms 2-hydroxylated estrone
  • 2-hydroxylated estrone is a “good” form of estrogen that has very low estrogenic activity. Studies show that when 2-hydroxylation increases, the body resists cancer, and when it decreases, the risk of cancer increases
  • Similar results have been found with other estrogen-sensitive cancers like prostate and colorectal cancer.
  • Aside from estrogen, studies have found that flaxseeds also down-regulate IGF-1


  • Another property of flaxseeds that helps them to reduce your body’s estrogen levels, is they contain ‘lignans’. Flaxseeds contain higher concentrations of lignan precursors than any other plant.
  • Like isoflavones, lignans are another major form of phytoestrogen. They bind to your body’s estrogen receptors and have a very weak estrogenic effect.
  • While they’re bound to the receptor, other, more powerful human and animal estrogens, and xenoestrogens will be unable to bind to it. So lignans act as competitive inhibitors to stronger estrogen

Flaxseeds And Fibre

  • Yet another property that helps flaxseeds reduce the estrogenic effect on your body, is they are a good source of the fermentable, ‘prebiotic’ form of soluble fiber.
  • Soluble fiber increases butyrate production in your colon, which helps increase the excretion and reduce the re-uptake of estrogen.

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