Vitaly Steroid Transformation – Vitalyzdtv And Steroids

(Last Updated On: 6th March 2018)

A short video highlighting the recent transformation of the popular prankster Vitaly form Vitalyyzdtv, he hails from Russia and currently resides in USA. He has undergone many body transformations in the past however this time he has managed to pull the ultimate prank, he’s basically used steroids and made people believe he done it naturally.

Vitaly is known for pulling outrageous behaviour so why wouldn’t he be capable of taking steroids, he has made millions of dollars of YouTube and has the resources to fund a steroid cycle under the guidance of highly paid professionals. There is no way Vitaly is natural and is not possible to achieve such a physique in such a short period of time and his whole body screams Testosterone and Dbol.

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