Vince McMahon Steroid Transformation

(Last Updated On: 12th March 2018)

Couple of weeks ago i wrote an article and posted a video on whether Vince McMahon is natural or on steroids. To my surprise a lot of my subscribers who commented on the video actually believed he was natty, absolutely mind boggling.

Either they are so naive and believe that it is impossible for a 72 year old millionaire to be a steroid user or they are just content with posting videos of hitting compound PR’s which make no difference in their physique.

Lets get straight to the point, Vince McMahon started his transformation at the age of 52 which is way past the ability to build muscle naturally.

The average male testosterone starts to decrease 1% every year until his demise but Vince McMahon testosterone has doubled every year starting from the tender age 52, i wonder why.

Even the best bodybuilders in history such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Serge Nubret started taking steroids in their 20’s to achieve the level of  greatest aesthetics in modern history.

Vince McMahon is 6″2 and weighs about 250 pounds, Arnold Schwarzenegger on the other hand is also reported to be 6″2 and 235 pounds competition season.

Not only does Vince weigh an extra 15 pounds than  the the legendary Arnold from the 1970’s who admits to steroid use but Vince McMahon is at this weight all year round whereas even the great Arnold was 260 pounds off season.

Vince McMahon’s physique has not only gone bigger over the years but also better, he went through a bulking phase a better part from 99-2003 and then he went on a cutting phase around 2005-2006. Currently he shows no signs of slowing down and has gained more muscle in the lat couple of years.

Whether he was in a bulking phase or cutting phase he looked better than most advanced weight lifters as his conditioning and muscle quality was extraordinary for his age.

Vince McMahon admitted to steroid use in the 80’s while on trial for the steroid scandal in the early 90’s, that does not mean much as he could have been just covering up and putting the blame on himself in order to protect the cash cows such as Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.

Vince McMahon had been accused of selling his wrestlers steroids for years and I do not believe for a second he took steroids in the 80’s however he always wore loose suits so even if he did take steroids then it wouldn’t be possible to notice.

Just because he did not take steroids during his early 40’s does mean he did not start taking them in his early 50’s. The older you get you’re muscle mass decrease, testosterone declines to the point you’re libido becomes non-existent and start to gain weight around the mid section.

Steroids reverse those effects and Vince McMahon knew that was the only way to remain on the path of fountain of youth.

Natural phase –  April 1998

This was the first time Vince had exposed his physique to the world, he has a good foundation to build muscle upon even at the age of 52. It’s not known if he was on steroids around this time, he looked like he was bulking as he possesses a lot of mass on his frame and for his age.

While he does not share the same muscle quality and abs he does however look nearly the same size as Stone Cold Steve Austin who was a obvious steroid user and whom i will cover in the next couple of months.

First Transformation – January 1999

The first transformation is complete and rightfully so he is walking proudly to the ring without his vest, covered in oil and ready to battle in his newly built vessel known as testosterone and tren.

Compared to April 1998 Vince McMahon looks like a totally different person thanks to his baby oil… and obviously trimming down fat and showing a lean physique. He looks like an active wrestler and in better shape than a lot of the guys on the roster at that time.

55 Year Old Genetic Freak – 2002/2003

Vince is at the peak of his career…. at the 55. He looks in absolutely phenomenal shape and his muscle quality and density has increased immensely in the last couple years.

Its amazing how he looks in better shape than nearly everyone on the roster, not only does he have a lower body-fat percentage than everyone but also is bigger than everyone.

Vince McMahon is the epitome of a superhero for all guys in their mid-50’s however most of them will never be able to look like him due not having the same sources as Vince does such as personal trainers, money, steroids and more money.

Cutting stage – 2006

He is 59 years old and Vince McMahon is at the peak of his career…..yet again. He is shockingly ripped thanks to his shredding diet and he shows more muscle definition than previous years.

He has dropped some serious weight and sculpted more of an athletic physique when he’s not tensing, he is not big as he was previously but still has the physique of a man in his 30’s, 40’s and better than most men in their 20’s.

This was also the year he landed himself on the front cover of Men’s Physique magazine and while i am sure Vince trained extremely hard to gain this physique he couldn’t have done it without the help his training partners….. Test and Dbol.

2017 – 71 Years Old

His conditioning is absolutely phenomenal and has gained an insane amount of mass, he didn’t show much of his physique after 2006 and these recent pictures are taken by a private company.

If you were to put Vince McMahon against his crop of wrestlers then he would nearly outsize every single one of them, at the old age of 71 there is no way he is sill going natural and is definitely on TRT.

There are some gullible people in the world hence why nobody has made mention of his current physique as they think it all comes down to diet and training. Vince McMahon is exempt from any drug test as he isn’t an active performer and most importantly he owns the doctors.

At the rate Vince McMahon is growing i don’t think it would ever be possible to make a “Steroids To Natural” video.

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