So you don’t know who I am! Well, I am glad that is out of the way. 


Let me start off by saying that clicking on my website will be one the best decisions you will ever make. I am not selling any products that will help you “become shredded in 7 days”; infact I am not selling anything. The purpose of this website is to track my body transformation progress which will be accessible for the whole world to see and hopefully I will serve as a motivation to other guys who are or would like to join me in my journey to a destination which I call “Fat Mans Evolution”. This website will be extremely helpful for individuals who want to start packing on muscle and change the composition of their physique. I will be uploading 3 videos per week on YouTube; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Make sure to check my videos out by subbing the channel which can be found in the links section. Furthermore keep coming back to the website for regular updates which I will be posting after every workout in the FATMANDIARY section.



I will not be including hundreds of useless isolation exercises and instead we will just stick to the standard compound movements such as barbell shoulder press, squats, and barbell chest press and barbell row. Certain isolation movements such as dumbbell and barbell curls and front shoulder raises will be incorporated after the compound movements. Deadlifts will only be used sparingly as there are some things in life that have to be accepted and I have to accept that my body is not designed for dead lifts.



The number of reps and sets will depend on my capacity to withstand stress; the aim is to go for 3-5 sets with compound and 4 sets with isolation movements. For the compound exercises I will increase the weight by 2.5 kg per workout and sometimes 5 KG, especially for T-bar rows and dead-lifts. If the exercises are becoming too difficult then I will decrease the weight by 2.5 KG. This training plan is not designed to confuse and complicate the simple task of weight training and will stick to the rep ranges of between 8 and 12 for muscle growth which seems to be the number agreed upon by weight lifting enthusiasts. Furthermore I am not a beginner so I will not start my first week with a extremely low weight but will be heavy enough.



This will be the trickiest part for me because if you are suffering from the skinny fat-man syndrome or gynecomastia then the diet will have to be as transparent as possible if you want to see results. This means no carbs such as rice and pasta and instead will have to rely on the good old broccoli and chicken breast. I will not be consuming a large amount of calories for muscle growth in the initial stages and will rely on my genetics disposition and once I have hit a brick wall then will I only increase my calories. There is no denying that diet will play a major part in the transformation and this is something I will be posting regular updates on.